LUCILE-MEISEL Songwriting Session Winter 2022 at Hansa Studios

After several digital songwriting sessions, our writers meet again for the first time in the legendary Hansa Studios for the LUCILE-MEISEL Songwriting Session Winter 2022 from the 7th to 9th of February.

Miriam RechFebruary 10, 2022

The focus of the winter session was to work on new songs for Anna-Carina Woitschack , who celebrated her best ever chart result last year with her top 10 album “Träumer” at number 6, for the newcomer and duet partner of Vincent Gross, Emilija Wellrock, and for Schlager legend Olaf (Olaf Malolepski). For three days our 15 writers worked intensively in Teams and in close personal exchange with the artists present on more than 15 new songs .

We would like to thank all participants of this wonderful session!

Benjamin Schwenen
Andre Stade
Jens Lücking
Benjamin Brümmer
Simon Allert
Anja Krabbe
Tanja Lasch
Matthias Teriet
Kurt Schoger
Tom Marquardt
Terence Olivier
Alexander Scholz
Melanie Lokotsch
Linda Stark
Filippo Grasso
Christopher Gronau
Ina Wiens
Kirsten Meisel
Marcus Zander