Other partners

Audio-plays distribution & audio-play and audio-book production is an independent distribution service provider. AudioPool is presently distributing the products of 17 publishers in German, Austrian and Swiss book-trade.

Bundesverband Musikindustrie e.V.
The Bundesverband Musikindustrie e.V. supports the interests of 350 labels and music companies, which are representing 90% of the German music industry. As a representation of interests, the association accomplishes the classical tasks of a marketing board. Music industry issues are coordinated out- and inwards and it keeps intense relations to political panels, government agencies, institutions, as well as to other marketing boards and industry partners.

DA Music
DA Music GmbH & CO KG is responsible for vinyl distribution within the Pallas Group. DA Music establishes young artists, merchandises own programs and labels worldwide and also distributes exclusively a variety of labels. Whether national hits or international dancemusic, whether folksy melodies or new age/world music, whether jazz or classical music – every style of music is part of the big repertoire of DA Music.

DMV – Deutscher Musikverlegerverband e.V.
The DMV - „Deutscher Musikverleger-Verband e.V." – is a representation of interests, an alliance of publishers from all over Germany. There are more than 500 members who are representing about 90 % of the active working publishers in Germany.

Frank Zander
For more than 25 years this native Berliner is rocking, swinging, swaying and rapping all over the German show-business, always with extraordinary costumes or pseudonyms. Though he took his first creative steps in a master school of graphic design, he later settled on the music, as we all know. By now he is one of the most famous and multitalented German artists and entertainers. His one-of-a-kind flagship: the gnarly voice.

goldman production & press consult
The goldman production & press consult was founded 2000 in New York and settled over to Germany in 2004. Their field of business activity is wide-ranging: developing movie- and TV-projects, an own press agency, from VIP event-management and own event-concepts to workshops and sponsorship of young talents, goldman PPC focuses on artist-, PR- and music-management.

Founded 1997 in Berlin, Handgebrannt GmbH was the first company that is exclusively specialized in producing and distributing personalized CDs. It was Frank Zander who came up with the idea already in 1986. SPIEGEL magazine wrote back then: „Frank Zander hits the mark of the year. The comedy-singer’s idea to record 200 names on vinyl is perfectly suited for the annual gift-hunt.” Who could know what would develop ten years from then: „The especially individual CD for the most beautiful moments in life.”

News, celebrities, hit parades, community – for everyone who likes jaunty music, loves to dance, celebrate and meet new people or likes to see artists in concert…

Ibiza Sunset
Ibiza-sunset.com is a project which expresses Zander’s musical and visual passion for observing the famous sunsets on Balearic island Ibiza. Just a stone’s throw away from chill-out-point “Café del Mar”, the all-round-artist installed a camera on his own terrace that sends the most beautiful pictures 24/7: HYPERLINK "http://www.ibiza-sunset.com" www.ibiza-sunset.com Overwhelmed by many clicks and the webpage’s success, Zander produced the recently released CD “Ibiza Sunset Vol. 2” together with Kai Matthiesen.

Initiative Musik gGmbH
Initiative Musik gGmbH is a development association for the German music industry initiated by the federal government. It is borne by the association of reclamation of ancillary copyright (GVL) and the council of music. It is financially supported by GVL and GEMA/ GEMA foundation. In co-operation with the music industry aid money is raised for artists and music companies. The main focus of attention is contemporary music, rock, pop and jazz.

MFE – Music For Adults, founded by Tom Müller, Sven Meisel and Marcus Zander, know what gets on most peoples’ nerves: To be confronted with the same music always and everywhere in shopping malls, at gas stations and on most radio stations. For those people MFE wants to be a forum and releases great songs by charismatic artists with intelligent lyrics.

Pallas Group
The place of business Diepholz became famous in music industry thanks to four companies: Traditional high quality vinyl – that is what Pallas stands for, head of companies; sub-company Orchestrola produces tapes; latest CD-productions up to CD-ROM are guaranteed by P+O Compact Disc. Since August 2000 all DVD formats are produced as well.

Phasenrausch Musikproduktion
The team of Phasenrausch Musikproduktion, consisting of Simon Allert, Thomas Maser and Dirk Theves, can surely be called “think-tank”. Starting with an idea going all the way to the master, crossing songwriting, concept- and artist-development up to sound-design. Nothing seems difficult enough for them. Tasks are clearly defined: To discover the essence of a song, a melody or an idea and to realize it with first class equipment and the experience of many years.

Sony Music Austria
Sony Music Entertainment Austria is a business division of Sony Music Entertainment, one of the worldwide leading music companies. It is actively working with repertoire-associations and creative A&R unities.
International stars like Justin Timberlake, P!nk, Shakira, Foo Fighters, Bob Dylan, Beyoncé, Eros Ramazzotti, Bruce Springsteen, Audioslave and System Of A Down are part of the wide-ranging repertoire artist-portfolio of Sony Music. Parts of the company are some of the most famous music-labels in music history such as Arista, Columbia, Epic, Jive, LaFace and RCA Records.

Weihnachten für Obdachlose
In 1995 Frank Zander and his family celebrated a Christmas dinner for 300 homeless people at the castle in Diedersdorf for the first time. This dinner was a huge success and ever since Frank Zander could not and would not resign the annual roast goose-dinner. Every year more people took part, they trusted this Berliner and the whole year they were already looking forward to this special date. Until today more and more homeless people are coming to the Estrel hotel to celebrate a memorable night in company with friends.

Zebralution is one of the worldwide leading digital-distributers for independent labels. Founded December 2003, the company is operating from locations in Duisburg, Berlin, Los Angeles, London, Paris and Barcelona. They are cooperating worldwide with licensors from Germany, Great Britain and the USA, as well as shop-partners in Northern America, Europe and Asia.

Zett-Records Produktion & Verlag GmbH
The label Zett-Records, founded by Frank Zander, Dieter Poen and Marcus Zander in 1989, is releasing artists, bands and projects in the areas German hits, comedy, pop and rock. Besides on established artists, there is also a main focus on young artists.
For years we are closely cooperating with Zett-Record and were able to realize music projects together.