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Jens-Markus Wegener

#9 Dezember 2020

Dear friends, business partners and authors, We’d like to inform you that Meisel Music and Jens-Markus Wegener will end their cooperation effective on Dec 31st, 2020. The Meisel Music team will of course be at your disposal as usual. Supporting our authors and partners is our top priority. We will continue to actively use and promote our national and international networks/ projects of all genres for the benefit of our business partners and authors. Additionally, we would like to thank Jens-Markus Wegener for the cooperation and wish him all the best for the future. We wish you a wonderful pre-Christmas season and send you our best wishes, Kirsten Meisel and the whole Meisel Music team

Thomas Meisel 80 Years

#15 January 2020

On 18th January 2020 Thomas Meisel would have turned 80 years old. Thomas, a great personality in the German music business, passed away in Berlin on May 26, 2014 after serious illness. He left his mark on the German music industry, and with his sense of talent he discovered and promoted nationally and internationally successful composers and performers. Thomas Meisel was born in Berlin on January 18, 1940, as second son of the successful composer and publisher Will Meisel and the chamber singer Eliza Illiard.
At the beginning of the 1960s he founded "Edition Intro" with his five year older brother Peter (died in 2010). They had the right instinct from the beginning, and so pretty soon first hits like "Zwei kleine Italiener" or "Liebeskummer lohnt sich nicht" came out. Later Thomas and Peter took over the Meisel Music publishing company, which had been built up by their father in 1926.
Working with new authors and performers was Thomas Meisel's passion, and he always had a special personal relationship with them. As a producer he worked with Roland Kaiser, Frank Zander, Gunter Gabriel, G.G. Anderson and Mary Roos among others, and could celebrate many achievements with them.
In 1964 Thomas and Peter Meisel founded the Hansa Musikproduktion Berlin together with Christian Bruhn (following American examples) - this was the first independent and stand-alone record company in Germany. Only one year later the Hansa label had its first million seller with "Il Silenzio" by Nini Rosso. This was the basis for numerous productions that were awarded with precious prizes. At the beginning of the 70ies, a major part of the current artists of the German Schlager scene were under contract with Hansa.
International hits were also released on Hansa, for example in collaboration with Frank Farian, Boney M., Eruption and Milli Vanilli and also the first hits of Giorgio Moroder.
The legendary Hansa Studios in Berlin were founded by Thomas Meisel, and in addition to his own productions he made there, artists such as David Bowie, U2, Iggy Pop and Depeche Mode also recorded some of their hits at Hansa Studios. In 1992 he had the „Meistersaal“, the legendary Studio 2- also known as "Big Hall by the wall", extensively restored and made it accessible to the public again as a venue for events.
In recent years, he spent much of his time with his wife Doris and family on his favourite island Sylt.
We fondly remember Thomas as a great publisher, producer and of course as a family member!
Happy birthday, Thomas!

International Women's Day 2019

#8 March 2019

On March 08th, 2019 women are being duly recognized worldwide. The State of Berlin has declared the International Women's Day as a holiday to emphasize the importance of gender equality. Furthermore, with the introduction of the holiday a sign is to be set against the injustices against women. Meisel Music would also like to celebrate the female gender with the following playlist and the songs contained therein and present great titles of strong interpreters. In this sense, dear women, enjoy your day! Playlist »

Thomas Lemmer & Christoph Sebastian Pabst – Tiefblauhorizont Remixed

#25 February 2019

After the great success of the EP "Tiefblauhorizont" the duo Thomas Lemmer and Christoph Sebastian Pabst release the EP "Tiefblauhorizont Remixed". A collection of exclusive remixes by artists like SINE, Glint, Tauon and Gold Lounge. "Tiefblauhorizont Remixed" was released on Friday, 22 February 2019 by the renowned electronic label Sine Music - the EP is published by Ed. Intro Meisel GmbH and Finca am Meer Publishing. A remix full of energy, surprises and a captivating arrangement with first-class production. Thomas Lemmer & Christoph Sebastian Pabst are currently working on their debut album, which will be released in April 2019.

"Er gehört zu mir" rides the train

#20 February 2019

The iconic title "Er gehört zu mir", sung by Marianne Rosenberg and published by Meisel, was licensed to the Deutsche Bahn in North Rhine Westfalia as part of the advertising campaign "Dieser Job ist der Hit". In the spots Guildo Horn interprets the Evergreen from 1975, and we are happy that "Er gehört zu mir" will be on the road with the railways in NRW for 1 year. Click here for the commercials:
Spot 1»
Spot 2»

TV premiere with Frank Lukas

#20 February 2019

On Feb 20, 2019 the 39-year-old pop singer, lyricist and composer Frank Lukas had his first big TV premiere in the show "Meine Schlagerwelt - Die Party mit Ross Antony", which was recorded by “MDR - Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk”. The broadcast is scheduled for March 30, 2019 at 20:15 on MDR. Our collaboration with Frank Lukas began in 2011 with the album "Männerherzen" - Frank's titles are published by Ed. Zigzett of Meisel Musikverlage, and finally in 2017 his fourth album "Unbedingt entered the official German Top 100 charts at #46. We are looking forward to Frank's upcoming TV performance and wish you all lots of fun watching. As a foretaste please click on the following playlist link. »

German Movie "In The Aisle"

#10 April 2018

In February the German film „In The Aisle“ (German translation: „In den Gängen“) celebrated its premiere within the scope of the 68th Berlinale. Thomas Stuber directed this film and also wrote the script together with Clemens Meyer. The title “Santa Lucia – Versunken im Meer“, which is got published at Meisel Music and was written by Gerd Grabowski, Bernd Dietrich, Gino Dominioni and Klaus Gehrke could be placed in the film. “In The Aisle” got nominated four times for the German film award and will be released in the cinemas on May 24th 2018.
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Music publisher Jens-Markus Wegener enters at Meisel Music

#19 Februar 2018

Imagem's former Managing Director Jens-Markus Wegener will take on the role as Senior Consultant at Meisel Music. Wegener is strengthening the committed team of the traditional Berlin company, which celebrated its 90th anniversary two years ago. Looking to the future, Managing Director Kirsten Meisel has decided to include the experienced, respected and well-connected music publisher Jens-Markus Wegener to the family business together with his own publishing company AMV Publishing.
We are very much looking forward to working with Jens-Markus in the future! 

First joint Meisel/Schedler songwritercamp

#01 September 2017

Meisel Music and Schedler Music organized the first joint songwritercamp in the legendary Hansa Studios from August 28th until September 01st 2017 in Berlin. It was a pleasure to present 20 new, amazing titles on the last day of the camp during our annual Meisel/Hansa festival. We thank all motivated authors and participants and look forward to the songwritercamp 2018. 

In memory of Marlene Dietrich († 6.5.1992)

#06 May 2017

In memory of the great film and singing diva, Marlene Dietrich, here’s the track „Das ist Berlin wie’s weint, Berlin wie’s lacht (Berlin Berlin)" which was written especially for her by Willi Kollo and released on her album „Marlene Singt Berlin".
Meisel represents this track via Willi Kollo Verlag.
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Bambi Award for “Er ist wieder da”

#23 November 2016

On Thursday, November 17th, the Bambi got awarded for the 68th time in Berlin. The comedy film “Er ist wieder da” (“He is here again”) by director David Wnendt, received the popular Bambi Award in the category “Film National”. The song "Er ist wieder da" could be placed in the movie. The title was written in 1965 by Christian Bruhn and Günther Loose and is published by Meisel. Congratulations to the winner of the Bambi 2016!
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Motion picture „A Bigger Splash“

#31 May 2016

The thriller „A Bigger Splash“ with Ralph Fiennes, Tilda Swinton, Matthias Schoenaerts and Dakota Jonson turns a vacation with old friends within a menage-a-quatre into a more and more erotic but also drastic story. A remake of the French crime drama „The Swimming Pool“ by Jacques Deray from 1969. Starts in movie theatres May 5, 2016.
The Meisel copyright „AGUIRRE I“ by Florian Fricke could be placed in this thriller.
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„LOLA“ for „Herbert“

#30 May 2016

The German film price LOLA is the most prestigious and highest donated award for the German film.
The silver LOLA for the best feature film went to „HERBERT“ by Thomas Stuber. Meisel was able to place their copyright „AMSTERDAM“, written by Cora in 1985, in this feature film.
Also nominated for a LOLA was the feature film „ER IST WIEDER DA“ containing the same-titled copyright, which is also published by Meisel.
Our congratulations go to the winners of the 66th edition of the German film price.
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Accurate to the day: 90 years Meisel Musikverlage

#15 May 2016

At the age of 29, Will Meisel already ran a popular pub in the city centre of Berlin and also was a successful composer. Then one day a very precious friend came along – Hermann Schulenburg. He was a lyric writer, composer and publisher, and asked Will Meisel why he wouldn’t want to set up his own music publishing company. „Ick vasteh doch nischt davon“ (But I don’t have a clue about this) Will Meisel replied in his best German. „So what?“ replied Schulenburg: „Die andern doch ooch nischt“ (Neither do the others). That convinced him and so in the backroom of the pub „Jägerkasino“, Will Meisel together with his friend Schulenburg founded the „Edition Meisel & Co. GmbH“. The official set up of the publishing company, the enrollment followed on May 15th 1926. That’s how the story began.
The success story of the Meisel Musikverlage today spans 90 years of Berlin music and entertainment culture, and with a well-proven team we are strongly motivated looking to the future to continue this family owned Berlin publishing house! 

Firmament Musik at Musikmesse Frankfurt 

#31 March 2016

Musikmesse in Frankfurt is the international trade fair for musical instruments, sheet music, music production and marketing and will be held from 7 April to 10 April 2016.
Our distributer for sheet music 'Firmament Musik' will be there. Together with Birnbach Musikverlag, Heinrichshofen Musikverlag and Metropol Musikverlag you can find us in Hall 8.0 Booth E22.
We are looking forward to your visit!
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Movie "Herbert" ("A Heavy Heart") 

#22 March 2016

The new movie "Herbert" ("A Heavy Heart"), script by Thomas Stuber and Clemens Meyer, tells the touching story of a lone wolf who takes a long time to find the meaning of his life.
The song "Amsterdam" by Cora from 1985 could be placed in the movie.
Movie starts on 17 March 2016.
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Campaign with "Da Da Da" in Slovenia 

#21 March 2016

The song "Da Da Da" by Stephan Remmler could be placed in the TV/Radio/Internet campaign of Triglav a Slovenian insurance company. Da Da Da is administrated by Meisel via Goerge Glueck Publishing.

Merry Christmas 

#22 December 2015

We would like to thank you for the good cooperation and trust! We wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas and a healthy, happy and successful 2016! 

Movie "Ich und Kaminski" 

#06 October 2015

"Ich und Kaminski" based on the novel by Daniel Kehlmann. A tragicomedy about a vain journalist who wants to be famous with a thesis on the aged artist Kaminski. Ironically-evil look behind the scenes of the art world and art business with Daniel Brühl and Jesper Christensen. The film contains the french original title "C'est Moi" from 1974 and is sub-published by Meisel.
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Beatsteaks with new album "23 Singles" 

#06 October 2015

The Beatsteaks celebrate their 20th anniversary of band history this year. On 18 September 2015 they release the album "23 Singles" with all the hits and two new songs. One of the single hits is the cover version "Hey Du". The original comes from the musical "Linie 1" and is published by Meisel.
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First number-one-album by The BossHoss 

#05 October 2015

The BossHoss enter with its new anniversay-double-album "Dos Bros" #1 of the official German Charts. On "Dos Bros" (release 25/09/2015) is a.o. a cover version of the Marilyn Manson song "The Beautiful People" in typical The BosHoss-style. The song comes from the Emeral Forest catalogue which is represented in German-speaking and east-european countries by Meisel.
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Sido Single "Astronaut" # 1 

#02 October 2015

Sido releases with Andreas Bourani the single "Astronaut" und enters #1 of the charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. That's the first number-one-hit of his carrier. Cecil Remmler is involved as writer on this song. He publishes his shares at Hilaster Bavilario, the publisher of Stephan Remmler. On the new Sido-Album "VI", Cecil Remmler is involved in 8 titles as a writer. Meisel administrates Hilaster Bavilario via George Glueck Publishing. 

# 16 WMCE - "Sex & Drugs & Sauerkraut" new Polkaholix Album 

#02 October 2015

Berlin’s best-loved polka band the POLKAHOLIX say: Rock 'n' Roll and Punk and Ska are really all just POLKA! And now here comes the new album "Sex & Drugs & Sauerkraut" - release date: 25 September 2015!
Great news! World Music Charts Europe goes gaga over the new POLKAHOLIX album! 72 top radio DJs from all over Europe place "Sex & Drugs & Sauerkraut" at # 16 in the October WMCE chart!
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noiZKidz feat. Rézar – Can’t See Through You 

#23 September 2015

The fusion of most diverse musical influences from the capitals of Berlin and London create an electro-pop sound which noiZKidz let flow into an exciting sound construct. Now they come with their debut single and the first EP in the light of the streetlights and neon signs of the urban jungle. The single release date is the 25 September - the EP will be released on 9 October. The project nioZKidz is directed by the producers and writers Criss Tonino, Jason McKnight and Pietro Mattina and is a cooperation between Media29 and Meisel. For this purpose the label 'Music 2910' was newly founded at Meisel. All songs are published by Meisel / Media29.
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"Er ist wieder da" in the cinema 

#15 September 2015

"Er ist wieder da" is the film adaptation of the worldwide bestseller by Timur Vermes, with documentary scenes. The figure Hitler meets - some prominent - citizens. Actors are among others Oliver Masucci, Christoph Maria Herbst, Katja Riemann, Fabian Busch and Michael Kessler. Adolf Hitler wakes up 66 years after the end of World War II in the middle of Berlin. What happened to Germany in the meantime? Everywhere foreigners, democracy and Euros - that the ex-dictator does not like. But no one believes that he really returned, everybody believe he is an imitator - a damn funny one.
The song "Er ist wieder da" could be placed in the movie. The titel was written in 1965 by Christian Bruhn and Günther Loose and is published by Meisel.
Movie starts on 08 October 2015.
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DA DA DA for PKO bank in Poland 

#14 September 2015

The song "Da Da Da" by Stephan Remmler could be placed for a advertising campaign of PKO Bank in Poland. Da Da Da is administrated by Meisel via Goerge Glueck Publishing.
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Nica & Joe new Act for "Holiday On Ice" 

#14 September 2015

Nica & Joe are one of the new acts for "Holiday On Ice". For this show Alex Wende produced 2 songs "Believe" and "Electrified" at the Hansa Studios. "Believe" is written by Alex Wende and Sonja Kind, "Electrified" written by Alex Wende, Chris Moutas and Phil Hall. Both songs are published by Meisel.
From November 2015 Nica & Joe perform on 120 shows from "Holiday On Ice".
Watch TV-Show "Believe" » 
Watch Show Case Holiyday On Ice "Electrified" »

Converse Rubber Tracks 

#07 September 2015

12 iconic recording studios. 12 sets of keys. 84 artists.
The Jury by Converse choose following artists for recording at the Hansa Studios in September: VON SPAR, Germany – WILDE, Canada – JÓGA, Poland – FLAME, Chile – PUMPKINS, China – GURR, Germany – SHANDY MANDIES, Germany.

Ad-Campaign Volkswagen Canada 

#31 August 2015

The song "Da Da Da" by Stephan Remmler could be placed in the Ad-Campagain of Volkswagen Canada. Da Da Da is administrated by Meisel via Goerge Glueck Publishing.

Silla #5 of the album charts 

#18 August 2015

Silla celebrates his biggest chart success of his career. His new album "V.A.Z.H. (Vom Alk zum Hulk)" has reached # 5 of the album charts. Tracks on the album are written by Jan Pietryga alias Produes and Boris Köhler alias Bo Diggler, both published by Meisel via the co-operation with One Groove Publishing.

Album Pink Flowers by Martin Jondo 

#11 August 2015

After the single "Pink Flowers" comes on 28 August the new album by Martin Jondo. In August Martin Jondo plays at various festivals and in November starts the Pink Flowers Tour 2015.
The publisher's share of Martin Jondo on all album tracks is published by Meisel.
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Contract Extension with Jan Pietryga 

#21 July 2015

The long-term exclusive author-agreement between Jan Pietryga, Meisel and One Groove Publishing is extended ahead.
Jan Pietryga, aka Produes, is well-known for years and indispensable in Hip Hop Music. His beats are legendary and in a nutshell!
Years ago Produes became famous because of his work for i.a. Bass Sultan Hengzt, King Orgasmus, I love Money Records.
As a part of the producer team "Hijakers" he worked with papper as Joka, Fler, Animus, Ghot, Silla, Veysel, Gozpel, Crackaveli.
This year releases by i.a. Rapper Olexesh (feat. Sido), Chaker, Silla, Bass Sultan Hengzt, Capital, King Khalil are / were planned. 

New single by Martin Jondo 

#18 July 2015

Eskapaden Musik releases with "Pink Flowers" the first single from the upcoming album by Martin Jondo. His publisher share is published by Meisel.
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Mafia Clowns release first single 

#14 July 2015

030 Entertainment releases with "I Wanna Luv Ya" the first single by Mafia Clowns. Producers and authors are Criss Tonino (Media29) and Sedat Türüc. The publisher share of Criss Tonino is published by Meisel.
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New TV-Campaign in Iceland 

#30 June 2015

The song "Huschi, Buschi" by Frank Zander could be placed in the new TV-campaign for "Prince Polo" in Iceland. The title was written in 1980 by Frank Zander and Renee Marcard, published by Meisel.
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DA DA DA for KAMENITZA Beer in Bulgaria 

#19 June 2015

The song "Da Da Da" by Stephan Remmler could be placed for a advertising campaign of KAMENITZA Beer in Bulgaria. Da Da Da is administrated by Meisel via Goerge Glueck Publishing.

Converse Rubber Tracks: 12 Iconic Recording Studios 

#02 June 2015

We have the keys to 12 of the most iconic recording studios on the planet and we’re looking for emerging artists who want to write the next chapter of music history to hand them over to. The Hansa Studio is one of the participating studios.
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Music History in Berlin 

#02 April 2015

Til Schweiger, Tim Bendzko and Tom Rosenthal invite at Hansa Studios to talk about the Berlin music scene in the '80s.
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New Ad-Campaign with DA DA DA 

#23 March 2015

The song "Da Da Da" by Stephan Remmler could be placed for a new one-year advertising campaign of Fuse Tea in Turkey. Da Da Da is administrated by Meisel via Goerge Glueck Publishing.
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Edition TSMP new with Meisel 

#20 March 2015

The newly established Edition TSMP is administrated by Meisel. Behind Edition TSMP stands producer, writer and studio owner Mike Blatnik (aka. Mike Brubek) who runs TopSecret Musicproductions.
More info » 

Travis at Hansa Studio 

#02 March 2015

The British rockband Travis, founded by Fran Healy in 1990, recorded parts of their upcoming album at the Hansa Studio.
Artistwebsite » 

Merry Christmas 

#21 December 2014

The year draws to a close and we would like to thank you for the good cooperation and trust!
We wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas and a healthy, happy and successful 2015! 

Music in movie "Therapy for a Vampire" 

#09 December 2014

The new movie "Therapy for a Vampire" with Tobias Moretti and Jeanette Hain contains among others the songs "Tango Noturno" and "„Sag mir stumm Adieu" both published by Meisel.
Movie starts on 19 December 2014.
Trailer and more info » 

New commercial for O2 

#22 November 2014

The song for the video of the new Internet campaign of O2 is written and produced by Criss Tonino and Pietro Mattina. The song is published by Media29 a common Edition between the authors and Meisel Music.

Gozpel exclusively with Meisel 

#07 October 2014

In co-operation with One Groove Publishing the rapper Gozpel signed a long-term exclusive author-agreement with Meisel.
He became famous already because of his successful appearances on "Rap am Mittwoch".
His first album "Sympathoz" is produced by Hijackers and will be released on 7 November via Defenda Records. The first single from the album and video premiere is the song "Fresh".
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New version of "Keine Sterne in Athen" 

#19 September 2014

LaBrassBanda releases a cover version of the song "Keine Sterne in Athen" by Stephan Remmler. He is also featuring this track and is part of the music video.
"Keine Sterne in Athen" is published by Hilaster Bavilario - the publisher of Stephan Remmler. Meisel administrates it via George Glueck Publishing.
Artistwebsite »

DA Direkt Campaign 

#12 September 2014

The song "Da Da Da" by Stephan Remmler could be placed for the new one-year nationwide advertising campaign of DA Direkt insurance. "Da Da Da" is administrated by Meisel via George Glueck Publishing.
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Thomas Meisel died 

#01 June 2014

We mourn the passing of the publisher and music producer

                                    Thomas Meisel
                         *18.01.1940 - † 26.05.2014

Thomas Meisel, a great personality of the German music industry, passed away on May 26 after long illness at the age of 74 years in Berlin. He has shaped the German music scene and with his sense for talent he discovered and supported national and international successful composers and artists.

Thomas Meisel was born on 18 January 1940 as the second son of the successful publisher Will Meisel and chamber singer Eliza Illiard in Berlin.

Early 60s, he and his five years older brother Peter, founded the "Edition Intro". From the beginning they had the right instinct and after a short time they had their first hits "Zwei kleine Italiener" and "Liebeskummer lohnt sich nicht". Later Thomas and his brother Peter took over the Meisel Musikverlage which are established by their father.

Working with new writers and artists was Thomas Meisel's passion and he always had a special personal relationship with them. As a producer he has worked with Roland Kaiser, Frank Zander, Gunter Gabriel, GG Anderson and Mary Roos and was able to celebrate many successes with them.

In 1964, Thomas and Peter Meisel founded the Hansa Music Production Berlin together with Christian Bruhn. This was the first independent and separate record company in Germany.
Just one year later, the Hansa label had with "Il Silenzio" by Nini Rosso its first million-success. With it the foundation was laid and numerous excellent productions followed. At the beginning of the 70s a major part of the current artists of the German Schlager scene were under contract at Hansa.

Also international hits were released at Hansa, including in collaboration with Frank Farian: Boney M., Eruption and the hits by Donna Summer, written by Giorgio Moroder.

The legendary Berlin Hansa Studios were founded by Thomas Meisel and in addition to his own productions, also artists such as David Bowie, U2, Iggy Pop and Depeche Mode recorded at the Hansa studio. The Meisterssal, the legendary Studio 2, also called "Big Hall by the Wall", he decided to restore in 1992 and made it as a venue again open to public.

In recent years, he spent a large part of the time with his wife Doris and family on his favorite island Sylt.

New single by Olaf (Flippers) 

#22 May 2014

The new single "Ich gebe Dir mein Wort" taken from the new album by Olaf is written by Frank Lars. The song is co-published between Svenja Musikverlag and Meisel.
TV premiere is on 30 May in the ARD show "Das Sommerfest am See - Die überraschende Show mit Florian Silbereisen".
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DJ Greenhorn with "Set me free" 

#20 May 2014

The Swiss DJ GREENHORN started his career in 2010. With his last single "Be nice" he could reach the Dance Charts for the first time. Additionally for the new club hit "Set me free", produced by Hijackers, are two fantastic remixes by Shaun Baker and Andreas Linden available. The song is published by Meisel via the co-operation with One Groove Publishing.
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Bass Sultan Hengzt # 3 of the album charts 

#09 May 2014

The album "Endlich erwachsen" by Bass Sultan Hengzt has reached # 3 of the album charts. 3 tracks on the album are written by Jan Pietryga alias Produes and published by Meisel via the co-operation with One Groove Publishing.
Watch video "Jennifer" »

Olaf (Flippers) # 11 of the album charts 

#04 April 2014

The album "Ich mach’s wie die Sonnenuhr" by Olaf has reached # 11 of the album charts. 3 tracks on the album are written by Frank Lars who has an exclusive author-agreement with Meisel.
Artistwebsite »

New version of "Blueprint" 

#13 March 2014

On 25 April 2014 the new album by Rainbirds will be released with songs of the past 25 years and including a new version of the song "Blueprint". This new version was used in the first surf video by the young documentary filmmaker Sebastian Linda.

Hape Kerkeling at Hansa Studio 

#10 March 2014

The new studio album by Hape Kerkeling - release date 4th April (Ariola) - was produced by Peter Wagner at the Hansa Studio. The album contains among others the song "Liebeskummer lohnt sich nicht" written by Christian Bruhn and Georg Buschor.
Artistwebsite »

Music in Doris Doerrie movie 

#6 March 2014

The new movie "Alles inklusive" by Doris Doerrie contains among others the song "Wunder gibt es immer wieder" published by Meisel. The title was written in 1970 by Christian Bruhn and Guenter Loose - singer Katja Ebstein.
Trailer and more info »

Maskulin Mixtape Vol. 4 # 17 of the album charts 

#10 February 2014

The album "Maskulin Mixtape Vol. 4" has reached  # 17 of the album charts. 12 tracks of the album are published by Meisel via the co-operation with One Groove Publishing.

Andreas Bärtels with Boomtimesongs Publishing new with Meisel 

#03 February 2014

With its "Mitte-Studio", which is located in the complex of Hansa Studios since 2009, there has been a collaboration already between Meiselmusic and Andreas Bärtels.
Andreas Bärtels, for many years one of the most successful authors in Schlager, now has signed with his publisher Boomtimesongs a long-term administration agreement with Meiselmusic. The catalogue includes tracks by artists such as Andrea Berg, DJ Ötzi, Olaf, Nik P, Charly Brunner, Jürgen Drews, Michelle.
We are glad that Andreas has chosen to work with Meisel.

Udo Jürgens at Hansa Studio 

#28 January 2014

Udo Jürgens has completed his new album production at the Hansa Studio. His album "Mitten im Leben" will be released on 21/02/2014.
Artistwebsite »

GOLD in TV commercial Croatia 

#15 January 2014

The song "Gold" by Spandau Ballet could be placed in a TV-campaign for Zagrebacka Banka in Croatia. Via Reformation Publishing Meisel represents the sub-publishing of this title.
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TV campaign for Rising Star with "One Of Us" 

#10 January 2014

The title "One Of Us" could be placed in the TV campaign for the first interactive casting show in Germany "Rising Star" (RTL). The song was written by Eric Bazililan and released by Joan Osborne in 1996. Via Human Boy Music Meisel represents the sub-publishing of this title.
More information Rising Star »

Merry Christmas 

#20 December 2013

The year draws to a close and we would like to thank you for the good cooperation and trust!
We wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas and a healthy, happy and successful 2014!

Sido #1 of the album charts 

#17 December 2013

Having already succeeded in placing the single in the top 10, Sido reached with his new album "30-11-80" No. 1 of the album charts. Cecil Remmler is involved in almost all the titles as a writer and publishes his shares at Hilaster Bavilario, the publisher of Stephan Remmler. Meisel administrates Hilaster Bavilario via George Glueck Publishing.
Artistwebsite »

In Flames in the Hansa Studios 

#15 November 2013

The Swedish Metal-Band In Flames records their upcoming album in the Hansa Studios. The album has an expected release early 2014.
"When I visited Hansa Studios this year I got goosebumps. There is so much history in this studio, and also around it, and I want to be a part of it. Here was created magic and hopefully it will influence us", says singer Anders Fridén.
Artistwebsite »

Marius Müller-Westernhagen at Hansa Studio 

#14 November 2013

For mixing his new album "Alphatier", which will be released this year as part of a club tour, Marius Müller-Westernhagen was at the Hansa Studio.
Artistwebsite »

25 years Rainbirds 

#06 November 2013

Tonally edited and added with previously unreleased audio and video bonus material the untitled debut album by Rainbirds will be released as a new expanded deluxe edition. In addition to the complete remastered original album fromstered 1988 this new edition includes a bonus disc of unreleased live versions of album tracks, the original demo of "We Make Love Falling" and early demos by Katharina Franck. At that a bonus DVD comes up with an up until now unreleased pop-historical, fascinating live concert by Rainbirds on 16 June 1988 at the Velodrome in Berlin.
Most of the songs are published by Meiselmusic.

Chart Entry for Jürgen Drews 

#16 October 2013

The German Schlager singer and "King of Mallorca" Jürgen Drews reached with his new album KORNBLUMEN # 18 in Germany and # 72 in Austria. On the new album is also the title "Denn mit dir bin ich wunschlos glücklich" written by Frank Lukas and Jack Price, published by Meisel. In addition, a cover version of the Meisel Schlager Oldie "Liebeskummer lohnt sich nicht" by Siw Malmkvist from 1964 (written by Christian Bruhn and Georg Buschor) is on the new album. Jürgen Drews turned this song into a piano ballad.

Maskulin Mixtape Vol. 3 # 8 of the album charts 

#27 September 2013

The album "Maskulin Mixtape Vol. 3" has reached  # 8 of the album charts. 6 tracks of the album are published by Meisel via the co-operation with One Groove Publishing.

One Groove Publishing new with Meisel 

#15 August 2013

One Groove Publishing Katja Nagel signed a long-term Co-Publishings-Agreement with Meisel. The first authors who are covered by this contract are Boris Köhler and Jan Pietryga, also known as the producer team "Hijakers". Already retroactively covered by this agreement are the rights to the album "Blaues Blut" by Fler and "Die Passion Whiskey" by Silla.

TV Tipp: Jay Del Alma 

#09 August 2013

On Sunday 11 August 2013 Jay Del Alma will appear in the TV-show "ZDF-Fernsehgarten"! He and his band will present the single hit "Sexy Comó Estás (36 Grad)".

Tibursky with his new single "Elaine" 

#23 July 2013

In the 90's Johnannes Tibursky was the singer and guitarist of the Berlin band Prussia. He is not only a singer, but also a producer and songwriter. He writes and produces pop and rock songs as well as film and advertising music. He released numerous albums and singles on his label Kitchen Records.
Simply "Tibursky" is called his solo project launched in 2009. In 2010 he released the two albums "Back To Komo" and "Not Quite Bohemian". The song “Peel” taken from the latter album was licensed by the German travel-provider for their nationwide TV campaign.
OUT NOW! The new single "Elaine" by Tibursky!
Watch Trailer »

New album by Jay Del Alma 

#19 July 2013

In 2010 Jay Del Alma released his solo-debut album „Mi Corazon” - now he comes up with his new album “Comó Estás – Best of Deutsche Hits in Latin Style Vol. 2”. On this album Jay Del Alma presents wonderful German songs, which he adds incomparably with insightful and profound Spanish lyrics. Pearls of German Pop and Schlager songs newly discovered, specially interpreted and distinctive due to his unique voice. Jay Del Alma excites his audience with songs by Die Atzen or 2Raumwohnung as well as with songs by Nena, Rio Reiser, Frank Zander or Keimzeit.
OUT NOW! The new album "Como Estás - Best of German Hits in Latin Style Vol 2" is available in stores and as a download!
to Amazon » 

LESIEM Fireworks-Medley Kölner Lichter 2013 

#16 July 2013

One of the most beautiful fireworks takes place in Cologne annually. Also this year about 500.000 people attended the event “Kölner Lichter”. Before the main-fireworks starts 50 illuminated boats move down the Rhine. As in the recent years the boats are accompanied by music by LESIEM. This special fireworks version for the "Kölner Lichter 2013" is now available for download.
to Amazon » 

TV campaign with DA DA DA 

#18 June 2013

The title Da Da Da by Stephan Remmler could be placed once more for the TV-campaign of Bayer for the product Berocca in France.
Da Da Da is administrated by Meisel via George Glueck Publishing.

Santiano # 1 of the album charts 

#22 May 2013

The new album by Santiano entered the Media Control Charts from 0 to # 1. The album includes a German cover version of the Hooters song "All You Zombies" written by Rob Hyman and Eric Bazilian. Via Dub Notes / Human Boy Music Meisel represents the sub-publishing of this title.
News and more info »


#17 May 2013

Frank Zander & Frank Schöbel go on tour together in February 2014! 
With band and with all the old and new hits. 
The first three dates of the FRANK & FRANK tour have already been fixed:
31 January 2014 - Rostock (Stadthalle)
01 February 2014 - Riesa (Stadthalle)
02 February 2014 - Erfurt (Alte Oper)
More to follow...

Ad-Campaign with Da Da Da 

#16 May 2013

The title Da Da Da by Stephan Remmler could be placed for the TV-campaign of DADA a polish brand for babyproducts. Da Da Da is administrated by Meisel via Goerge Glueck Publishing.
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New Single by Jascha Habeck 

#16 May 2013

Jascha Habeck releases his new single "Das wird mein Sommer". On 17 May the single is available for download.
News and more info »

LL Cool J - New Album 

#07 May 2013

On 30 April the new album "Authentic" by LL Cool J was released and contains among others the title "We're The Greatest - LL Cool J, Eddie Van Halen. The song is based on a sample of the track "Blanc et Noir" by Jürgen Pluta from 1980 published by Meisel.

TV-campaign with "Gold" by Spandau Ballet 

#23 April 2013

The song "Gold" by Spandau Ballet could be placed in a extensive TV- and web-campaign for the product 'Becel Gold'. Via Reformation Publishing Meisel represents the sub-publishing of this title.

"Marmor Stein und Eisen bricht" in TV commercial Croatia 

#20 April 2013

The song "Marmor Stein und Eisen bricht“ (Christian Bruhn/Drafi Deutscher/Günter Loose) could be placed in a  TV-campaign for Baumax Croatia.
Watch commercial »

"Da Da Da" in TV commercial 

#18 April 2013

The song Da Da Da, which is administrated by Meisel via George Glueck Publishing, could be placed in a South-Korean TV-campaign for Woori Investment & Securities.
Watch commercial »

Music in TV movie "Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter"

#20 March 2013

The three-part German TV movie "Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter" contains among others the song "Und die Musik spielt dazu" published by Meisel. The title was written in 1938 by Fred Raymond, Kurt Felz and Max Wallner.

Cinema premiere of "Quellen des Lebens"

#20 February 2013

On 14 January was the film premiere of "Quellen des Lebens" by the success director Oskar Roehler. Stars as Jürgen Vogel, Meret Becket, Moritz Bleibtreu and Lavinia Wilson play the leading roles.
The film includes the songs "Gartenzwergmarsch" by Christian Bruhn and Hans Bradtke published by Meisel.
Trailer and more info »

Heino # 1 of the album charts

#12 February 2013

With his new album "Mit freundlichen Grüßen" Heino has reached  # 1 of the album charts for the first time. The success was preceded by a download record: never before a German-language album was downloaded more often 3 days after release.
The album features "Kling Klang" by Keimzeit which is published by Meisel and "Vogel der Nacht" by Stephan Remmler which is administered by Meisel.

Gold for the Grubertaler

#01 February 2013

The Tyrolean Band Grubertaler received during the ORF-show “Millionenrad” their next golden record for more than 10.000 sold records in Austria. Already 3 weeks after the release of the 4th party-album “Die Größten Partyhits Volume IV” it reached gold-status. The CD contains the title “Wir haben alle nur ein Leben”, written by Frank Lars, who is exclusively under contract as an author with Meisel. This title is also the current single release of the album.

Andrea Berg & Roland Kaiser

#31 Januar 2013

The title "Dich zu lieben", published by Meisel, has been re-released by Andrea Berg and Roland Kaiser as a duett-version. Andrea Bergs album containing the song is currently at rank 1 of the Media Control Charts.

Tim Bendzko at the Hansa Studios

#07 December 2012

Tim Bendzko, who has just won the 1Live-Krone award for Best Artist, was recording for a few days at the Hansa Studios to work on his next album.
Artistwebsite »

Worldpremiere „Jesus liebt mich“

#21 November 2012

On December 11th is the world premiere of the film "Jesus Loves Me". Actor, director and screenwriter is David Fitz, Jessica Schwarz got another main part. The theatrical release of the film is on December 20st.
The film contains among others the title "Time After Time" (Cyndi Lauper / Rob Hyman) and "Sag beim Abschied leise Servus" (Peter Kreuder / Harry Hilm / Hans Lengsfelder) from the Meisel-catalog.

Ad-campaign for CITROËN

#15 Oktober 2012

The title "DA DA DA" by Trio, written by Stephan Remmler and Gert Kralle, could be placed for the new one-year pan-European advertising campaign of CITROËN.

Click here for the Spanish version of theTV-spot: Watch video »

Ad-campaign for Postbank

#15 Oktober 2012

The title, "Du hast mich" from 1970, sung by Howard, written by Joachim Heider and Fred Jay was placed for the new one-year campaign of Postbank.

NEW with Monopol Records

#11 October 2012

Jascha Habeck is newly under contract to Monopol Records.
His first single, the ballad "Bleib doch" will be released in 2012.

Chart-Entry for Heinz Rudolf Kunze

#21 September 2012

The new album "Hier rein da raus" by Heinz Rudolf Kunze entered the album charts at position 23. The songs of the album are published by Weltverbesserer Verlag, which is administrated by Meisel.
More info »

Locomondo LIVE

#19 September 2012

LOCOMONDO, Greece's best band, is playing LIVE Oktober 13th in Berlin at SO36.

Oliver deVille founded his own Edition with Meisel Music

#05 September 2012

The producer and songwriter Oliver deVille and his production company Villa-Productions founded his own Edition with Meisel Music. Five times Oliver deVille has already won the German Rock- and Pop-Award. His name stands for productions and / or remixes of the following acts: Whigfield, 2 Unlimited, Kim Carnes, Gloria Gaynor, Me & My, Anna Maria Zimmermann, Them Crooked Vultures, Wayne Toups, etc.
The first project under the Edition-contract is the band Phrasement. Their first single "Hello Sunshine" will be out on September 28 and the album "Cumberland Street No. 9" will be released on October 12 with Universal Music / Orange Red Music.
To sign the contract the band Phrasement and Oliver deVille met at Meisel Music: (f.l.t.r.) David Zauels, Jonas Zauels, Oliver deVille, Sven Meisel, Oliver Giffels and Dominik Dahm.
More information about Phrasement »

Polkaholix LIVE

#17 August 2012

To celebrate the 15th Birthday of the Berlin radio channel radioeins vom rbb Polkaholix are playing a concert on Wednesday, August 22nd at the Park am Gleisdreieck in Berlin. The Berlin eight-man-crew with their anarchy-mix of Ska, Punk and Polka gets every live-audience polka addicted!

Martin Jondo exclusively with Meisel

#15 August 2012

The artist and author Martin Kondo signed a long-term exclusive author-agreement with Meisel. He already released 3 albums and on September 14th his 4th record will be released by G-Records with the Rough Trade distribution, produced in the Hansa Studios. Beforehand the single "Lonesome Feeling" will be released on August 31st. In September Martin also starts touring in Germany and Switzerland.

Edition Intro Meisel now distributes digital music sheets via Roba Digital Sheets

#10 August 2012

ROBA Digital Sheets is happy about another addition to the digital musicsheet catalogue. Edition Intro Meisel is now cooperating as a new partner.
With this Edition Intro Meisel is joining the promising and growth-oriented distribution-model of Roba Digital Sheets. From now on note issues of titles like "Dich zu lieben", "Mama Lorraine" and "Du bist anders" can be obtained via the web portals of German booksellers, the German Telekom or international providers like Amazon Ebookstore. More info »

Europäischer Musikpreis "Sound Music Award"

#27 July 2012

Also this year the European association of music (EGFM) gave away their "Sound Music Award". Congratulations to our artist FRANK LUKAS for the award "BEST NEWCOMER GERMAN SCHLAGER" !
Frank Lukas on Facebook »

Jay Del Alma LIVE

#27 July 2012

On July 28. and 29. Jay Del Alma and his band are going to play LIVE at the Bardentreffen in Nürnberg.
More info »


#27 July 2012

Watch the video of Frank Lukas' current online-release "Ich hab' dich geliebt".
Watch the video »

Daveman feat. Johnny Strange by Culcha Candela: Summer Stereo

#13 June 2012

Summer is ready to come! And a very suitable track and video is already brought to you by Daveman and Johnny Strange with "Summer Stereo" ...
Watch the video »
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Roland Kaiser - It's happening!

#30 May 2012

Under the title „Affären“ Roland Kaiser recorded fourteen of his biggest classics and created a new and modern productions.
In cooperation with the movie-orchestra Babelsberg the Kaiser-classics got an orchestral guise with a contemporary design. They majestically line up in the imperial repertoire. In addition there is a new track by Roland Kaiser, homage to the city of Dresden, to which he feels very devoted to because of his annual KAISER-MANIA open air concerts. “Affäre” – a unique hymn!
Bonus-track: a new “Joana 2012”- partymix was created for the party fans.
Available in stores and as a download from 01.06.2012
TV-premiere: 02.06. ARD – 20:12 “Sommerfest der Abenteuer”
10 songs of the album are published with Meisel. Watch the trailer »

Documentary: Max Raabe in Israel

#30 May 2012

Little Shark Entertainment (including producer and CEO Sönke Wortmann) produced a documentary about Max Raabe. Fall 2010 the singer Max Raabe starts a journey with his Palast Orchester to a special concert tour: With their current program, songs from German-Jewish composers from the 1920’s the company is going to play shows in Israel.
The premiere of “Max Raabe in Israel” takes places at the start of the 18th Jewish film festival in Berlin & Potsdam on June 4th. The documentary includes next to other songs the title “Dort tanzt Lu-Lu”.

Chart-Entry KRIS feat. Dante Thomas

#23 May 2012

Congratulations to the chart-entry. The song “Diese Tage” by KRIS feat. Dante Thomas entered the single-charts on rank 30. “Dieser Tage” is a German cover-version of the Steve Miller hit “The Joker” from the year 1973.
Via George Glueck Publishing Meisel-Music represents the sub-publishing of this title.

Schudzik: Zwanzich 12

#22 May 2012

The summer’s tale can finally begin. With the hit “Zwanzich 12” SCHUDZIK provides us with the soundtrack!

Schwarz Rot Gold - EM Hits 2012

#08 May 2012

The anticipation for this years soccer EM is enormous and from friday the soccer-fever can be supported with "Schwarz Rot Gold- EM Hits 2012"!
Available from friday, 11.05. everywhere as a download!
to Amazon »

New album by Frank Lars "Zum Glück gefunden"

#20 April 2012

Finally it’s here! Frank Lars‘s fifth studio album "Zum Glück gefunden" is available from TODAY. All fans can be curious for 15 new songs including the current hit-single: “Ich habe keinen Stern”. to Amazon »

New album by Frank Schöbel "Hautnah"

#05 April 2012

Now available: The new 2-CD-album "Hautnah" by Frank Schöbel for his 50. stage-anniversary - including the hit-single "Wie ein Stern 2012".to Amazon »

The mdr produced a beautiful report about Frank and his 50. stage-anniversary. Watch the report »

Firmament sheet music distributor at music-fair in Frankfurt

#12 March 2012

Together with Heinrichshofen Musikverlag and Metropol Musikverlag our publisher and sheetmusic distributor Firmament Musik will present its latest publications and extensive program at the music-fair in Frankfurt from March 21st until March 24th. More info »

30 Years of DA DA DA by Trio!

#23 February 2012

They were the pioneers of the German New Wave. They started a music revolution, which got lots of international exposure.
For the first time the legendary “Rockpalast”-Concert is released on DVD in February 2012, which made Trio famous in Germany back in 1982. The Live-recording of the band’s dawn of success will be available in addition to the Arte-documentary “Da, da, da – die Geschichte eines Hits” as a 2-DVD-package.
Beside the band members, the band’s producer Klaus Voormann, Dieter Meier of Yello or Phonogram-manager Lous Spillmann (who back then signed on Yello and Trio) will justify themselves. A piece of German pop-history is recalled. to Amazon »

Katharine Mehrling at Wintergarten Berlin

#16 February 2012

Since last weekend Katharine Mehrling is presenting her own cabaret show at the Wintergarten Berlin. Together with her band, dancers, international cabaret-artists and of course her special guest, jazz legend Rolf Kühn, she will be on stage with her program "Am Rander der Nacht" from February until April 2012.

Max Raabe and the Palastorchester on NBC

#10 February 2012

For a NBC USA TV campaign, for NBC comedy shows, the title "The Best Things In Life Are Free" by Max Raabe and the Palastorchester could be placed.
Watch the spot »

Bennets Abenteuer beginnt - Das Umweltmusical

#07 February 2012

Last weekend the premiere of the envrionment-musical "Bennets Abenteuer beginnt! took place at the Estrel Festical Center.
Powerful music, dancing, live-singing. A fabulous show and a unique, exciting story about the young hero Bennet.
NOW you can buy the album with all songs at our Meiselmusic-Onlineshop! to Amazon » Tickets for the Musical and more info here »

Hits do advertisement

#25 January 2012

The song Da Da Da, which is administrated by Meisel via Goerge Glueck Publishing, could be placed in a Korean TV-campaign for the product “Korean Red Ginseng”. Watch commercial »

Furthermore was Da Da Da placed in an all-year extensive radio- and web-campaign of the furniture store-chain Porta for the year 2012.

The TV- and radio-campaign for Interspar-stores, which in 2011 already started running in Austria, will be extended to Slovenia in 2012. The campaign includes the Meisel sub-published title Souvenirs. Watch commercial »

Top 10 in Austria

#24 January 2012

The Grubertaler entered the Austrian album-charts from 0 to 8. 3 songs from this album, as well as their current single "Verdammt noch mal" were written by Frank Lars, who lately has been signed exclusively to Meisel.
Grubertaler's website »

NEW with Meiselmusic

#12 January 2012

From 01.01.2012 the publishing house Hilaster Bavilario by Stephan Remmler is administrated by Meisel. The cooperation emerged from the collaboration with George Glueck Publishing. Including titles like "Keine Sterne in Athen", "Alles hat ein Ende nur die Wurst hat zwei", "Vogel der Nacht", and others!

Download Sheetmusic

#12 January 2012

From now on the sheet music of Meisel publishing is also available as digital downloads.
For this purpose a contract was made with notafina GmbH, one of the biggest German portal.

For a digital distribution across additional portals a distribution-contract was made with Roba Digital Sheets.

+++ Change of distributor in Austria +++

#06 January 2012

From January 1st we are starting to cooperate with our new distributor in Austria. We transfer our on-site labels like Monopol Records and Juhu Musik and the labels admisnistrated by us like Passion Factory, and Tonstark from Sony Music Österreich to Major Babies. We are looking forward to a long and successful cooperation.

Polkaholix LIVE in Potsdam

#05 January 2012

Heaven and hell, POLKAHOLIX are playing with heart and soul! Ska, punk, rock'n'roll and all that other hellish stuff, howsoever you might call it. It's polka! Quite true, so they go forth into the world and spread this truth in a fulminant mission.
January 13th 8 pm in Potsdam at the Waschhaus.

Happy new year!

#03 January 2012

The whole Meiselmusic-Team wishes all our friends and partners a beautiful new year 2012! Thank you for the cooperation in the last year and we are looking forward to a good, succesfull and exciting time in the next year. 

Scooter and Vicky Leandros together at
The Dome

#02 December 2011

On Saturday Scooter and Vicky Leandros will present their song "C'est Bleu" together at The Dome. The song is based on the Meisel published title "L'amour est bleu". Vicky Leandros performed this song 1967 at the Eurovision Song Contest in Luxembourg and came fourth place. The title is Scooter's new single and will be released today, on December 2nd.
Watch the video »

TV-Tipp: Frank Schöbel celebrates the "Adventsfest der Volksmusik"

#25 November 2011

On Saturday, the 26.11.2011, Frank Schöbel is invited to the ARD show "Adventsfest der 100.000 Lichter". At 8:15pm he and many other guests will be celebrating the first Advent. And lready one day after he is invited to give an interview at the MDR show "Damals war's" at 8:15pm.

"Am Rande der Nacht" - Katharine Mehrling at Wintergarten Berlin

#16 November 2011

After having her album „Am Rande der Nacht“ successfully released in May 2011, Katharine Mehrling is now presenting her same-titled cabaret program at the Wintergarten theater in Berlin. Together with her band, dancers, international cabaret-artists and of course her special guest, jazz legend Rolf Kühn, she will be on stage of the Wintergarten from February until April 2012.

New Edition: Ed. Jay Neero Music

#15 November 2011

Cooperating with authors and producers Oliver Poschinger (formerly 3select) and Jochen Pototschnik, the Edition Jay Neero Music has been founded. Furthermore it has been agreed upon a cooperation concerning the label-work.
The first production in this Edition will be with artist Franky Leone and his song „Die Frau mit dem Wahnsinnsblick“, released on Ariola. Franky Leone's website »

Santa Maria - The musical with the hits of Roland Kaiser

#04 November 2011

Semmel Concerts is taking a Roland-Kaiser-Musical on stage!
The world permiere! SANTA MARIA - the musical with the hits of Roland Kaiser will enter the stage in 2012 live for the first time. All but two songs are Meisel-Copyrights.

Locomondo LIVE

#27 October 2011

November 17th at SO36 in Berlin: LOCOMONDO LIVE IN CONCERT!
And the magazine "Wahrschauer" is presenting the Locomondo track "Magiko Chali" on their current sampler! More info »

NEW! The Meiselmusic Online-Songsearchengine: "MEISELMUSICSEARCH"

#19 October 2011

Looking for a suitable song? Use our Musicsearch and browse through the repertoire of Meisel publishing.
--- Will continuously be updated & extended!

Concert-tip: Karussell

#29 September 2011

Finishing their current tour through Germany, Karussell will play in Berlin. KARUSSELL LIVE on 15.10.2011 at Postbahnhof!

New Rosenstolz album

#15 September 2011

Finally - Rosenstolz are back! Due to this occasion their new double CD "Strahlende Nächte" presents probalbly the most important original-songs and rarities from the early years of Peter Plate and AnNa R.
Available from 16.09.2011. to Amazon »

Berlin Music Week - Silent Disco

#07 September 2011

During Berlin Music Week Berlin Hauptbahnhof turns into the Silent Disco Floor with NUR FRANZ and JAY DEL ALMA a.o.! In addition their songs are in the playlist of the U-TON channel of AUPEO! Personal Radio.
More info »

M.i.G - music and Meisel-Verlage agree upon cooperation

#07 September 2011

The newly founded publisher is working under the name "Edition Made in Germany" and is now administrated by the Meisel-Verlage. M.i.G. website »

Exclusive cooperation with Frank Lars

#05 September 2011

Artist and producer Frank Lars has been agreed upon a longtime exclusive cooperation as an author. Beside his own titles, Frank Lars has successfully written songs for the Amigos, Grubentaler, a.o.! Artistwebsite »

Pachangas new album

#19 August 2011

Starting today: PACHANGAs brandnew album "M.P.3 (Part One)" is now available! Download only!

Frank Lars at "Tanz den Schlager"

#10 August 2011

Saturday, 13.08.2011, Göttingen invites to the succesful event-series "Tanz den Schlager". Amongst other stars also FRANK LARS will perform his popular hits!
More info »

"Souvenirs, Souvenirs" in a Spar TV-Ad

#10 August 2011

The new TV-/R-Ad of Spar (S-Budget Börserl) contains our copyright title "Souvenirs, Souvenirs". Watch video »

Pachanga: Un Dos Tres (1-2-3)

#05 August 2011

The new Pachanga single "Un Dos Tres (1-2-3)" is released today as a download!

Karussell - album of the week

#27 July 2011

Antenne Brandenburg vom rbb appointed the new Karussell album "Loslassen" to be the album of the week!

Katharine Mehrling LIVE

#07 July 2011

On August 5th Katharine Mehrling will give a concert under the programme of the Classic Open 2011 in Leipzig at the Augustplatz. There she will present her new album "Am Rande der Nacht" with a Big Band and a special guest: jazzlegend Rolf Kühn.

Itchy Poopzkid in a Suzuki TV-Ad

#29 June 2011

The new TV-Ad for the Suzuki Swift was set to music with the song "The Living" by Itchy Poopzkid. Watch video »

Frank Lukas: Record Release Party in Cologne

#24 June 2011

With the release of his debut album, the Wiener Steffie club in Cologne is throwing a record release party for Frank Lukas. Today, 24.06.2011 starting at 8 pm.

Marius Müller-Westernhagen at Hansa Studio

#24 June 2011

Marius Müller-Westernhagen mixed his upcoming album at the Hansa Studio. More info »


#24 May 2011

Karussell’s new album will be released on June 17th with Monopol. All songs are published by Meisel and were mixed at Hansa Studios. The release-concert will take place on May 29th in Leipzig and will be followed by a big tour with more than 60 dates. All dates »

Meisel and Felix Bloch Erben cooperating

#23 May 2011

New cooperation with publisher Felix Bloch Erben. The stage works of the dramatic- and musical-theater section of the Meisel publishing company will be distributed by traditional publisher Felix Bloch Erben from the middle of this year on.

Katharine Mehrling at Tipi

#11 May 2011

Today in BZ, this weekend two times at Tipi near the Kanzleramt. Together with Rolf Kühn and a Big Band, Katharine Mehrling will present her songs from the new album "Am Rande der Nacht" this saturday and sunday night. Read article »

Frank Lukas

#05 May 2011

NEW with Monopol: Frank Lukas, with his new single “Verdammt”. His album “Männerherzen” will follow this summer. A genuine Fox, with a lot of heart and mind and a big hit potential! More Info »

Locomondo Tourstart

#04 May 2011

Tomorrow, May 5th 2011, the hippest band of Greece Locomondo will start their Germany Tour in Bochum. Hurry to get a ticket so you can celebrate their new version of the hit-single “Griechischer Wein”!  All Tour-Dates »

25 Years of "Linie 1"

#28 April 2011

On Saturday, April 30th, the Berlin GRIPS theater will celebrate a big Gala in honor of the 25th anniversary of the success-musical "Linie 1".

Katharine Mehrling „Am Rande der Nacht“

#21 April 2011

Finally the debut album „Am Rande der Nacht“ by singer, songwriter and actress Katharine Mehrling is available. In stores, as a download and in our Meiselmusic-Onlineshop! A little miracle between chanson, jazz and urban blues. On her website more info, pictures, tour dates and a video can be found. Visit website »

Jay Del Alma at the ZDF Frühlingsshow

#15 April 2011

Jay Del Alma performs his new single “No No Llores” at the ZDF Frühlingsshow on Lanzarote – Stars, music and holiday dreams. The show will be airing on Sunday, April 17th at 11 am.

R.E.M.'s interview at Hansa Studio

#14 March 2011

R.E.M.’s new album „Collapse Into Now“ was partly recorded at the Hansa Studio.

Locomondo at Quasimodo (Berlin)

#09 March 2011

TIPP: The hippest Greek band LOCOMONDO is coming to Berlin! On 19.03.2011 they will play a show in Berlin's club Quasimodo.
The intoxicating mix of greek traditionals, ska and caribic rythms already inspired Fatih Akin, who enriched his movie “Soul Kitchen” with one of Locomondo’s songs.

W.A.B. - Walibi Adventure Band

#09 March 2011

The WAB (Walibi Adventure Band) project’s first single was written by Alex Wende and René Rennefeld, produced as a publisher-production at the Hansa studios. Also Vivien Bauernschmidt was part of the creative process.
WAB is a virtual Band, which is merchandised at the Walibi amusement parks in France, Netherlands and Belgium, in addition to a cooperation with TV-channel Nickelodeon.

Yusuf  - Cat Stevens at Hansa Studio

#01 March 2011

Yusuf and musicians have been recording at the Hansa studios for a couple of days.

The Mint at Hansa Studio

#08 Febuary 2011

The band The Mint are recording for their new album at the Hansa Studio More info »

Video for the new single „Frank Zander“

#03 Febuary 2011

Watch now: the new VIDEO for the single "Frank Zander" by Curry Sauce feat. Frank Zander feat. She-Raw & Plaetter Pi   Watch video »

Curry Sauce feat. Frank Zander „Frank Zander“

#21 January 2011

...or how a New York Duck- became a real Berlin Curry-Sauce. The official Berlin-version of the New York Duck Sauce world-hit “Barbra Streisand”  More Info »

Frank Schöbel „Hautnah“

#14 January 2011

Right on time for his actual tour of the same name, Frank Schöbel is releasing his new CD-Single “Hautnah” today with Monopol Records. Available as a Download and at the Meiselmusic-Onlinehop. to Amazon »

Cora Lee „Nobody But You“

#14 January 2011

Available from today: Newcomer Cora Lee’s EP “Nobody But You” includes four beautiful piano-ballads created by the singer and songwriter. She was supported by Berlin producer Thommy Krawallo and by Daniel Hassbecker of the band Silly playing the piano and cello. to Amazon »

Start of Frank Schöbel's „Hautnah Tour“

#05 January 2011

Friday Frank Schöbel’s „Hautnah Tour“ is starting in Grimmen with its first concert. In spring 2011 from January until April he will elate his audience on numerous stages in Germany. On Frank Schöbel’s website all the tour-dates and ticket-hotlines can be found. Visit website »

Udo Jürgens at Hansa Studio

#21 December 2010

Creative producing at the Hansa Studio: Together with the Berlin Philharmoniker Udo Jürgens worked there on new recordings. 

Emerald Forest Ent. and Meisel publishing house extending cooperation

#16 December 2010

The Emeral Forest catalogue will furthermore be represented in German-speaking and east-european countries by Meisel. Among others, the catalogue includes songs by Sophie B. Hawkins and Marylin Manson.

Jay del Alma on Après Ski Hits 2011 TV Show

#15 December 2010

2011 Jay del Alma will perform his hit „Bésame“ (original „Ohne Dich“ by Münchener Freiheit) in St. Anton on the RTL 2 TV show Apès Ski Hits.

„Weihnachten in Familie“ with Frank Schöbel

#15 December 2010

„Weihnachten mit Frank Schöbel“ will air this year on December 24 at 7:45pm on MDR. The DVD is available at   Amazon »

Also 2011 Meisel publishing house will be represented at Midem

#10 December 2010

Also next year the Meisel publishing house will be represented in Cannes on the worldwide biggest music-fair Midem. Sven Meisel, Marion Prinz and René Fabrizius will be available for local appointments. For appointment-requests feel free to contact us at

Video for „m.p.3“ of the coming album by PACHANGA

#02 December 2010

For their new single Pachanga spared neither costs nor efforts and shot a high-quality musicvideo.

Marc Maris celebrating anniversary

#05 November 2010

The world-famous DJ Marc Maris is celebrating an anniversary: His latest single „Freak” is his 10th release.

Frank Schöbel finally on Tour again

#29 October 2010

Frank Schöbel is touring again! Spring 2011 will bring him to many German cities where he will elate his audiences. His website is showing all dates of the tour: Visit website »

Richard Lugner now in Germany

#29 October 2010

Richard Lugner, noted as a continuous special Wiener Opernball attendant and his TV Reality Show, is now releasing his first single “I bin der Lugner”. In Austria it has already climbed up to the top of the charts, and now will also be released in Germany on 11.05.2010.

Opening of the Emil Berliner Studios at Köthener Street

#08 October 2010

The Emil Berliner Studios are soon going to celebrate the opening of their new recording studios in Berlin, at Köthener Street 38. A house with a long music- and studio-tradition, offering unique possibilities for high quality recordings for all different kinds of acoustical music – in the city centre of Berlin. »

„Kinder Schlager Party“ on Radio Teddy

#08 October 2010

Commercial spot-campaign for “Kinder Schlager Party” on Radio Teddy is starting 10.18.2010!

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Greek artists new with Monopol

#05 October 2010

Charis Alexiou and Maria Farantouri, two icons of the contemporary Greek music scene, are releasing their new albums for German-speaking areas with Monopol Records. “Die Liebe wird dich finden, wo du auch bist” by Charis Alexiou and Maria Farantouri’s “Mosaic” (in stores from 10.22.2010).

Herbert Grönemeyer at Hansa Studio!

#27 September 2010

For the recordings of his new album, expected release will be February 2011, Herbert Grönemeyer made use of the Hansa recording studios (amongst others). In 2008 he already moved his studio from London to Berlin to Köthener Street into the house of the Hansa studios.

Sido new single: "Da Da Da" feat. Stefan Remmler

#24 September 2010

Sido and Stefan Remmler resurrected the 80s hit “Da Da Da”. Trio wrote their success story with this song from 1982. 

Jay del Alma – Best of Deutsche Hits im Latin Style

#24 September 2010

Brazilian Jay del Alma is presenting the most successful German songs in a new South-American style on his first solo-album „De Mi Corazón – Best of Deutsche Hits im Latin Style“. (in stores from 24.09.2010)

Juhu Musik – new label for children

#01 September 2010

A novelty at the Meisel publishing house: The label for children Juhu Musik. In the future there will be special releases for children, as there are Frank Zander’s audio-book „Das Wusel von der Venus“ or the „Kinder Schlager Party“ by Frank Zander und Die Nervensägen. Aplenty of fun for kids!

Frank Lars writing for Amigos

#06 August 2010

Album-title and current single “Weißt du was du für mich bist” by Amigos was written by our artist/author Frank Lars!

Sido-Cover „Hey Du“ Linie 1

#01 August 2010

Sido releases the song „Hey Du“ (original song from the musical “Linie 1”) on his album SIDO MTV Unplugged (Released 21.05.2010). The album stayed in charts for 17 weeks (Top-position #2).

Axel Fischer covers „Amsterdam“

#01 June 2010

Axel Fischer is dreaming the „Traum von Afrika“. His cover-version of „Amsterdam“ has been in the single-charts for 5 weeks (Top-position #38).

McDonalds uses "Joana"

#17 March 2010

We are happy McDonalds adds our song „Joana“ to their new TV-commercial. :-)

VRR mit "Kein Schwein ruft mich an"

#23 February 2010

We are happy VRR uses our song „Kein Schwein ruft mich an“ for their new radio-commercial.

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LESIËM – 4th album | New songs recording at Hansa Studio!

#21 February 2010

Finally! After a long respite LESIËM are back in the business. LESIËM started working on their 4th album.  We can already reveal: composer and producer Alex Wende could again convince the choir of the German Opera Berlin to be part of the production. As it was the case with the previous albums, the soloists will be a big supporting part of the LESIËM project. Next to familiar companions, new personalities could be won over. Be curious!