The Meisel publishing house contains five own labels, each standing for a different musicstyle.

In addition to the own labels, the Meisel publishing house also administrates external labels. Meisel provides these labels with its know-how and supports them with creation, licensing, accounting, marketing and promotion.

In Germany every label within the Meisel Group of Companies is distributed by DA Music and in Austria distributed by Sony Music. The digital distribution is realised with Zebralution. P+O Compact Disc is responsible for the fabrication of all products (CD, DVD, vinyl).

Digital Distribution (Ringtones, Downloads, etc.): Zebralution GmbH

Distribution in Germany: DA Music GmbH & Co. KG

Distribution in Austria: Major Babies Entertainment GmbH

Press plant: P+O Compact Disc GmbH & Co. KG

Own labels & Partner labels:

Monopol Records (own label)
Area Pop and German Hits with artists like Arabesque, Charis Alexiou, Cordalis, Frank Lars, Frank Schöbel, Helga Hahnemann, Lesiem, Matthias Reim, Palast Orchester and its singer Max Raabe...

Juhu Musik (own label)
Area music for kids and audio-plays with artists like Das Wusel von der Venus episode 1- 3, Frank Zander & Die Nervensägen

Bigfoot Records (own label)
Dance, House, Trance, Elektro & Black with artists like u.a. John Davies, Tory Kay, Marc Maris, John DeAgo ....

ZigZett Records (own label)
Area Partymusic with artists like u.a. Gaudi Pitt, Frank Lars, Sockenschuss ..

Ibiza Sunset Records (own label)
Area chill-out DVD- and CD-productions by Frank Zander in corporation with Berlin DJs and musicians

MFE – Musik für Erwachsene (partner label) with artists like u.a. Rosenstolz, The Capital Dance Orchestra, Nur Franz...

Administrated labels:

2910 Music Administrated since 2015 by Meisel
Artist: NoiZKidz

Attack Music Administrated since 2005 by Meisel
Artist: Marc Maris

Blut Schweiß & Tränen Administrated since 2016 by Meisel
Artist: Haudegen

C-Tube Administrated since 2008 by Meisel
Project: Unsigned Masterpieces

House Couture Administrated since 2007 by Meisel
Artists: Stefano Prada, Jay Bee

Jay Neero Music Administrated since 2012 by Meisel
Artists: Xanadu, Christian Anders

KHB Media Group Administrated since 2005 by Meisel
Artists: Hella Donna, Dainty

Kingtown Records Administrated since 2007 by Meisel
Artist: Linck Administrated since 2006 by Meisel
Artists: Pachanga, Bounce Brothers, Christian Brand, Hinz & Kunz

NFP Musicas Administrated since 2006 by Meisel - Products: audio books for the Pro7 TV-show „Galileo Mystery“ with Aiman Abdalah, Soundtrack for the movie „Albert Schweitzer – Ein Leben für Afrika“

Passion Factory Administrated since 2004 by Meisel
Artist: The Twins

Tonstark Administrated since 2008 by Meisel
Artists Hans Werner Olm, Luise Koschinski

World Wide MusicAdministrated since 2005 by Meisel
Artists: Feller & Feller