Monopol Verlag GmbH

Monopol Verlag GmbH is on the one hand publisher and on the other hand head of all the labels that belong to the Meisel Group of Companies. The main work is to care for the releases and the marketing behind the productions.

Monopol Verlag GmbH is divided in five labels representing different kinds and styles of music.
Monopol Records stands for Pop music and German Schlager, Juhu Musik with products for children, Bigfoot Records deals with Dance Music, ZigZett represents Party music and Ibiza Sunset stands for Chill Out music.

Monopol Records Artists like: Lesiem, Stephan Sulke, Frank Schöbel, The Twins, Arabesque, Helga Hahnemann, Palastorchester with its singer Max Raabe,

Juhu Musik Artists like: Das Wusel von der Venus episode 1 - 3, Frank Zander & Die Nervensägen, ...

Bigfoot Records Artists like: John Davies, Tory Kay, Marc Maris, John DeAgo, …

ZigZett Records Artists like: Gaudi Pitt, Frank Lars, Sockenschuss, ...

Ibiza Sunset Records DVD- and audio-productions by Frank Zander in collaboration with DJs and musicians from Berlin
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