About Us

The Meisel Group of Companies commands expertise knowledge in different areas of the music industry, such as publishing, music production, record releasing, and the distribution of sheet music.

Music Publisher

The Repertoire of the Meisel Group of Companies includes about 50.000 songs of different genres and eras. Besides the development of the own repertoire, Meisel administrates and manages national and international catalogues.

Sheet Music Distribution

As one of the last publishers in Germany the Meisel Group of Companies has its own sheet music distribution. The repertoire contains more than 10 000 songs including own material and music of other publishers.
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Record Company

Because of own record labels the Meisel Group of Companies is master owner of about 15 000 songs. The genres range from German Schlager to Chill-Out up to Pop and Hip Hop.
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Recording Sstudio

With the legendary Hansa Studios in Berlin the Meisel Group of Companies is able to create high quality productions for own and external recordings.
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