Joint Producer Session organized by Meisel Music & Christian Geller

Successful launch of the new event series “Meisel Music Meets …”

Miriam RechDecember 18, 2023

Successful launch of the new event series “Meisel Music Meets …”
Meisel Music & Christian Geller organize joint producer session at Studio 61.

From December 4 to 8, 2023, an extraordinary producer session took place in the ultra-modern Studio 61 in Kruft. The renowned authors Matze Roska, Benjamin Brümmer, Simon Allert, Philippe Bühler, Filippo Grasso, Alexander Scholz, Anja Krabbe, Tom Marquardt and Tobias Reitz sat down together to write songs for the successful artists Eloy de Jong and Thomas Anders in intensive sessions.

This groundbreaking session marked the beginning of a new series of events called “Meisel Music Meets …”, in which Meisel Music brings together selected authors with successful producers, publishers, artists or labels. The new Studio 61, designed and managed by Christian Geller, served as the perfect backdrop for creative excellence during the first joint producer session.

The producer session in Studio 61 was not only an inspiring event for the participating authors, but also a promising start for future collaborations as part of “Meisel Music Meets …”.